About Us

MUSCAT HEATERS INDUSTRY LLC is a member of Al Hosni Group International.

The AL HOSNI GROUP was established in 1975, In a span of almost 33years, the group has grown and diversified and is today a name that commands recognitions and respect in the sultanate of Oman and abroad.

Whilst maintaining its commitment to contributing to development of the nation, it has expanded its business activities throughout Oman and even abroad. Increasing our opportunities in the global market and emerging as a dynamic and prominent business house in the Sultanate of Oman. We started operation in Middle East, UK and Egypt as a model of a true Omani Multinational Company. The group has a long and close relation with many leading companies in the Global market.

The Water heaters are manufactured using high quality raw materials and components imported from Italy. The modern manufacturing plant is managed by professionals and skilled technician, who deliver high quality water heaters.

The Water heaters are available in Galvanized Steel, Glasslined and Stainless Steel. We are very confident on the quality of our water heaters and there by have offered a long extended warranty.

Our water heaters are manufactured as per Omani Standards and are certified by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Our Water heaters confirm to CE standards.

Our products are being sold in Oman, GCC, Middle East & African countries.

We wish to expand our operations to other countries like Libya, Syria, Egypt, Russia, India etc. and appoint distributors who can promote and establish our range of products in the market.